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Other Services Per Month

Additional Set-top Boxes - $5.00

Single DVR - $4.95

Dual DVR - $6.95

Triple DVR (record 2 shows while watching 3rd) - $8.95

Whole-Home DVR - $8.95

HBO Package - $15.95

Cinemax Package - $12.95

Showtime/FLIX Package - $12.95

Starz Package - $10.95

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Phone Details


Trust telephone service from ATC Communications for the most reliable connection available to friends and family. We feature unlimited local calling, a wide range of convenience features, and if the power goes out, your telephone service will continue to work.

*Applicable 911 fees, Federal Service fees, and calling features are additional charges.

Calling features:

Anonymous Call Rejection: All incoming calls will be checked for number privacy before they are allowed to complete to your line.  $2.00


Automatic Call Back: Automatically redials the last outgoing call. If the party's number is busy, a special ringback alerts you when the called number is idle  $2.00

Automatic Recall: When activated this service allows you to automatically redial the last incoming number without having to know the number of the calling party. FREE

Call Barring: When activated, this feature allows you to bar outgoing calls to certain types of numbers from your line. There are certain types of calls that can never be barred. These are: Toll-free calls, calls to service access codes,and emergency calls. $2.00

Call Forwarding: Allows you to program your calls to ring at another number. Each time a call is forwarded, your phone will make a short ring. It can still be used to make outgoing calls. $2.00

Call Forwarding/Busy: Whenever you are on the phone, you can be sure your callers can talk with someone else or can leave a message for you. Easily turn this featureon and off, or change the forwarding number, anytime. $2.00

Call Forwarding/Delayed: Allows you to have an incoming call forwarded to another number if you do not answer after a preset number of rings. $2.00

Call Forwarding/Number Restriction: In all types of call forwarding, the following number selected by the subscriber is checked against a list of restricted numbers and rejected if it matches any of the numbers on the list. $2.00

Call Hold: Allows you to put a call on hold and then dial another number. You can switch back to the first call (putting the new call on hold) and subsequently switch between the two callers. Subscriber's phone must have flash-hook capabilities. $2.00

Call Trace: Allows you to request a trace of an incoming call. This information is provided to the service provider and not to the subscriber. It may be passed on to an appropriate authority when a subpoena is presented. FREE

Caller ID: When you receive a call , the name and number of the person calling you is shown on your Caller ID display screen. $5.50

Caller ID Presentation/Non-published Number: Determines whether the calling subscriber's name and number is signaled on outgoing calls. $1.00

Call Waiting: You can use your telephone without missing other calls. A special tone alerts you to a waiting call, the person calling you hears a normal ring. $2.00

Caller ID on Call Waiting: When you receive a call waiting tone, the name and number of the second person calling you displays on your Caller ID display screen. $2.00**

Calling Number Delivery Blocking: By dialing a code before you place a call, you can prevent your phone number from appearing on the Caller ID display of the person receiving your call. FREE

Calling Name Delivery Blocking: Allows a subscriber to block delivery of their own calling name on outgoing calls. FREE

Cancel Call Waiting: Allows a call waiting subscriber, to disable call waiting for an individal call so that important calls are not interrupted. Service is enabled by dialing an access code before or during the call for which call waiting is to be cancelled. FREE***

Charge Number: Allows your calls to be billed to a different number from the directory number assigned to your line. For example, a subscriber who has two or more lines can have all calls for these lines billed to one number and therefor receive a single bill for all calls. $2.00

Do Not Disturb: Block your line temporarily to prevent incoming calls. (Outgoing calls can still be made as normal, but incoming calls are not connected; instead, the caller hears an announcement that you are not currently accepting calls). $2.00

Find Me, Follow Me: Allows you to configure additional numbers that will ring instead of or as well as your own home number, any of which can answer the call. A predefined order is used to determine which number(s) will ring next. Once one number has answered the call, ringing on the other numbers stop. $2.00

Hot Line: Allows your line to be configured with a number that is dialed automatically when the phone is take off the hook. For example, this could be used in an airport to provide a phone that dials a local taxi firm, but no other numbers. $2.00

Last Caller ID Erasure: Allows you to erase the record of the last caller's number, including the date and time of the call, so that it cannot be accessed by any call service. This feature also clears the record of the last called number and call lists, so that there is no longer any record of the most recent calls to and from your home phone line. $2.00

Long Distance Mandatory Account Codes: Allows you to configure this feature to require an account code for some or all of the subscribers using this service. (This helps separate and track who is placing the LD calls)  $2.00

Mandatory Account Codes:   Allows you to correlate your outgoing calls with a numerical account code, which is reported in the billing information for the call.  $2.00

Message Waiting Indicator:   This feature indicates when messages are waiting, using an audible message waiting indicator, with a stutter dial tone. If your phone supports it, a visual message waiting indicator with a constant or flashing light will display on the phone  FREE****

Priority Call/Distinctive Ring:   When you make a list of special callers, your phone uses a special ring to announce calls from any of those numbers. If you also have call waiting, you will hear a special call waiting tone.  $2.00

Reminder Call:   Set up calls from our switch at a set time of day. An announcement is played when the call is answered. Reminder calls can be individual or regular reminders. Individual reminders are made once at a set time, up to 24 hours after the reminder was configured. Regular reminders are made at a set time on a number of days, depending on the particular options selected.  $2.00

Remote Access to Call Forwarding:  Allows you to access and change your call forwarding configuration from any phone by dialing a directory number provided by Atkins Telephone Company. $2.00†

Selective Call Forwarding:  Allows you to select a list of calling numbers whose calls will automatically be forwarded. All calls from numbers on this list are forwarded on to a single alternative forwarding number. $2.00

Selective Call Rejection:  Allows you to select a list of numbers from which incoming calls are automatically rejected. A rejection announcement is played to the calling party. $2.00

Simultaneous Ring (SimRing):  Allows you to configure additional numbers (up to a maximum of 32) which will ring as well as the subscriber's own number, any of which can answer the call. $2.00

Speed Calling:  Allows one-digit or two-digit codes to be used as shortcuts for selected phone numbers. The subscriber enters the code and this is interpreted as if he or she had dialed the phone number to which the short code maps. $2.00

Teen Line:  Teen services allows you to have up to three additional directory numbers while retaining only one physical line. Calls to the additional numbers go through to the existing phone line, but have a distinctive ring tone for each number. Outgoing calls cannot be made from the Teen line, they must be made from the primary directory number. $4.00

Telemarketer Call Screen:  Screens all incoming calls displaying no caller ID information and plays a pre-recorded message to take this number off their call lists. $4.00

Toll Denial/No Long Distance:  Prevents all long distance calls from being originated from the subscriber's line. FREE

Voicemail:  Redirects unanswered or busy calls to a voicemail server. The calling party may leave a message on the server. The subscriber dials an access code to retreive these messages. $5.95

Three-Way Calling:  Allows you to call another party during an existing call and add that party to the call, creating a three-way conversation. $2.00

Three-Way Calling/Call Transfer:  Allows you to call another party during an existing call and then transfer the call to the second party. $2.00

Warm LIne:  Allows your line to be configured with a number that is dialed automatically when the phone is take off the hook for a configurable amount of time. This feature can be useful to people who may not be able to reliably dial a number without assistance. For example, the outgoing call could be configured to go to a relative or care giver. $1.25

*Per month not including taxes, fees, and surcharges.
** Subscription to caller ID required.
***Subscription to call waiting required.
****Voice mail subscription required.
† Subscription to call forwardind required

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